Jealousy by TruLeaf

Jealousy by TruLeaf

I recently met the founders of Modesto-based cultivator TruLeaf at the CGO Lifestyle Hash Hole Bash in Sacramento. After introductions were made and some good conversation was had, they were kind enough to share a jar of their rendition of Jealousy – an up-and-coming hybrid of Sherbert Bx1 and the legendary Gelato 41 bred by Seed Junky Genetics.

Jealousy is proving itself to be one of the most influential and important cultivars of 2022, with more and more growers bringing the strain into their production rotation, and plenty of breeders leveraging the strain as a stable workhorse to build on and create new hybrids with.

The flowers have some serious bag appeal. Jealousy’s compact buds are covered in a dense coat of sparkling trichomes, interspersed with striking orange hairs that starkly contrast the flowers’ deep purple, nearly black hue. The team at TruLeaf was glowing about their F3 cut of the strain, noting, “We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our fellow growers and smokers, including Wes from Seed Junky – who complimented the structure and frosty buds, acknowledging it’s not easy to achieve with this cut.”

The aroma presents with a complex bouquet combining an herbaceous grape-musk funk with wafts of creamy pastry dough.

A hand-rolled 1.5g joint yields a light weight and moderately expansive smoke that’s packed with flavor. The smell translates nicely to the palate, presenting an interesting mixture of grape Hi-Chew and shortbread terps at center stage, followed by an ensemble of baking spice and peppery floral funk. The flower burns clean, leaving a gradually increasing resin ring and an off-white ash after each pull.

The effects are well-balanced, with a notable lean towards the couch-lock and calming end of the spectrum versus the energetic and cerebral one. Jealousy makes for a great midday or after-work smoke that allows for relaxation, while still remaining clear-headed and focused.

Despite having found a winning selection of Jealousy, the team at TruLeaf stays hungry for  the newest of the new and indicated they were preparing to sub-in an even more pungent and faster-maturing cross of Jealousy and Thin Mint Cookies.

This offering from TruLeaf is unquestionably high-grade smoke and has me excited to try more of their gear. Don’t hesitate to cop if you see TruLeaf at your local dispensary – if the rest of their lineup is anything like this Jealousy, you’re sure to be stoked.

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